Hello, everyone! Since I got little activity on my last post, I decided to come up with something more interesting and original.

Remember, as kids, we wished we could fly or become invisible? Boys wanted to be super fast like Spiderman, and girls – to be fairies and have beautiful wings! As for me, I wanted to be a mermaid and have an ability to become half fish.You have no idea how much I was obsessed with the TV show “H2O just add water”.H2O JAW S1 Once our house got connected to the Internet, I would always search google “Spells to become a mermaid” or “rituals to become a mermaid” or “how to grow a mermaid tail”.There were different ‘recipes’, and some people commented on them “Yay, I’ve become a mermaid, this recipe works!” – which made me believe that some of them actually work.I still believe that mermaids exist somewhere on this planet, but I’m definitely not willing to become one anymore!


So, I made a list of TOP-5 superpowers that I wish I had:

1.Ability to keep my hair untangled without combing it

Oh, this one I need SO SO MUCH! Something happened to my hair recently, and now I spend hours untangling and combing it.Literally, HOURS.I’m getting used to it though.. Sometimes I try to do it while watching or reading something so I don’t waste any time.But I cannot wear my hair loose, that’s so frustrating.Even when I make a braid – I wake up with tangled hair.

2.Ability not to need sleep 

We spend half of the twenty-four hours sleeping.Imagine how awesome it would be if we could spend this time on something else!

3.Ability to erase my memory

Everybody keeps in memory moments they’d rather erase for good.Awkward moments, arguments, depression, illnesses etc.It would be so convenient if we could erase them! This ability would also come in handy when we want to enjoy our favorite movie or a book once again not knowing what happens in the end.

4.Ability to take photos with my eyes

Remember when we observe a magnificent scenery and the camera or a phone makes it so dull and blurred? What we see with our own eyes is much better and clearer than what we see through the camera.So frustrating, right? This ability would let people make photos with their own eyes and keep it in their memory.Once they want to look at the photo – they’d just need to think about it – and here it is – right in front of their eyes!

5.Ability to teleport myself to a place in a picture

This ability would let people teleport themselves to a particular place by looking at it in the picture.So, we could travel the world just googling “Photos of Australia” – and instantly we’re there!

Tell me which of these superpowers would you like to have? Write a post in your blog sharing YOUR TOP-5 superpowers and don’t forget to drop me the link – I’ll be interested to read your ideas! By the way, does anybody remember that TV show “H2O just add water”? If yes, leave a comment!)

Thanks so much for reading my post! Until next time 😉




Things that give me pleasure…

Good afternoon, my friends! I haven’t posted in 2 DAYS, wow! But I have an excuse – my friend that lives in another city came to visit me (finally!!) and we spent the whole day together! I was so happy, because she’s my BFF and days spent with HER are the best)) I tossed and turned the previous night, because of being filled up with excitement!

In today’s post, I want to get to know my readers better. Tell me, what makes you happy? What cheers you up when you’re upset? What does your mood depend on? Share it with me in the comments!

As for me, here’s the list of things that give me a lot of pleasure:


My mood always depends on whether it’s sunny and warm outside, or not.I literally cannot live without the sun☀️ It fills me with energy, so I’m never being lazy when it’s sunny

  New clothes 

The thought of new clothes hanging in my wardrobe is so pleasant! I’m just itching to go outside wearing it so that everybody’s like “Woah, girl you look gorgeous!” (at least that’s what I hope passers-by think when they see me in my brand-new clothes😄) That’s weird, you know..Nothing changes in it as the time goes by, so the reaction of other people has to be the same.Instead, change the attitude towards this thing, I get used to it.After a couple of months or a year, I don’t find it as pretty as it was when I bought it.Anyway, enough philosophy here.Let’s move onto the next one😄

                                     Snapchat filters

Filters that make me pretty, to be exact.Warning – don’t remove the filter too suddenly – otherwise, you’ll see the difference between your real face and the enhanced one, and probably be disappointed😥


Since I adore dancing, when I hear music I can’t help but start making small movements! Even now, when I’m writing this post, there’s music playing in another room. But since there are too many people sitting next to me, I’m trying to suppress the desire to go and hit the dance floor😂 It’s a torture, really!


When there’s an upcoming event that I’m looking forward to (for instance, a trip or a party), the thought of it fills me with warmth and happiness! I imagine how awesome it’s gonna be, how much fun I will have etc. There always should be a day in future that you make a countdown to))

Beautiful sceneries

Who doesn’t like observing picturesque landscapes? Especially, places that haven’t been touched by humans.The great force of nature is so captivating, flawless and so jaw-droppingly beautiful – that sometimes my eyes fill up with tears.Tears of joy.I stare at it in awe, unable to move or speak.This is an example of such a scenery.(The quality is bad because I took this photo from my phone)


Thanks for reading my post! Looking forward to your comments!