What I like about your blog

   Oftentimes, I see blogs with very good content, but something is missing..something that doesn’t let the blog be perfect.So I’ve made a list of things that I like in other people’s blogs.

      1.Calm colors

I think it’s super important to keep reader’s eyes relaxed and comfortable.Frankly, I don’t like blogs with WHITE background and don’t understand why the author chose white as the main color.We see that white background everywhere –  in books, news, articles on the internet – because it’s classic.But blog is something not so official, more personal – that’s why I prefer seeing dark pastel tones in blogs 


The font SIZE, to be exact.I’ve seen a few blogs with very small font size, and it really annoys me! How am I supposed to like what you write if I’m not able to read it??😁

     3.Necessary widgets

By ‘necessary widgets’ I mean menus.It’s always easier to navigate a blog if I see categories of posts (Health, cooking, awards etc) or archives.Ironically, I do not have any of them yet! Shame on me…😄I promise I’ll add them one day!


Pictures and photos really attract me, as well as many other readers.They have to be eye-catching, making you want to open the post and read it.If you don’t know what picture to set as a featured image – just write the title of your post on a pastel background (a lot of apps have the function of writing on pictures, I personally use PicsArt) or choose a picture from Pinterest or Tumblr –  and voila – your picture is ready!

Don’t take these ‘rules’ very serious!😉 If I really like your content – I will still click the “follow” button, even if you have small font size or a lack of photos.The tips I’ve written make a blog perfect, from my point of view 😉

Thanks for reading my post! Tell me, what do YOU find attractive in a blog? What would you add to my list? Feel free to share by leaving a comment!



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How to make a conversation flow?

Oftentimes, when we hang out with a friend, the conversation eventually comes to an end.It can even happen in its very beginning, and after that goes awkward silence…You rack your brain desperately trying to come up with some new topic to discuss, but after a few sentences the conversation dies again

We’ve all been there.

Here are some tips which really help me when I encounter this problem:

1.Prepare a couple of topics in advance

You can even write them down somewhere, in case you forget something

2.Be aware of the latest news    

It’s your backup topic.Watch TV and don’t skip the News section when surfing the web.If you know what’s going on in the world, you guys can discuss it – or, if the person doesn’t watch news – you’ll fill him in 🙂

3.Avoid flat responses  

Don’t respond with a simple YES or NO.Think of something else to add.Additional information will likely lead you to the next topic to discuss

4.Ask questions

Show your interest in the person’s life.I hate it when I ask a question (for example “How was your day?”) and the person doesn’t end his respond with “What about you?”

5. Show your reaction to what they say          


-Hey,Sam! How was your day?  i (2)

-Oh, I’ve finally asked Molly out!! What about you?

-Well, mine was boring, as always……..


-Hey,Sam! How was your day?check-mark-icon-flat_245086

-Oh,I’ve finally asked Molly out!!What about you?

-Really?I’m so happy for you! Where are you taking her?  …..

6. Compliment  

It will put the other person at ease and maybe move the conversation in another direction.

7.Tell a story

Don’t be afraid to share an entertaining story or a funny experience you had.

8.Smile    🙂

It’s the best and easiest way to seem friendly and positive, which will endear you to the other person

Have YOU experienced such a thing? Do you have something to add to my list? Feel free to share it with me by leaving a comment – I would really appreciate that!

Thanks for reading this post.Until next time 😉




Struggle 1: making friends

As you’ve already guessed, today we’re gonna be talking about friendship.

In my previous post – in the summer bucket list, to be exact – one of the items was

To make at least 5 friends

But I forgot to mention HOW exactly to make them.

Many people nowadays feel lonely due to the lack of friends.I’m not an exception, really.For some reason, I find it super hard to find a suitable person.It seems like the only one I can be true friends with – is a clone of myself ( who obviously doesn’t exist)
But is it really that difficult??

Here are some tips that will help you with that:
1) Do not be too choosy
It’s a common mistake that a lot of people make.When we see a person for the first time, it’s usually their appearance that determines whether we want to come and start a conversation or not.
But it is definitely not right! When choosing a boyfriend or a girlfriend, we can pay attention to how the person looks like, but definitely not in this case! Remember, the nationality, height, appearance and other details don’t really matter – if you guys are soulmates, nothing can change that.
2)Balance between speaking and listening
Always try to keep this balance, otherwise one of you will get bored.There shouldn’t be any dominant speaker in your conversation,( as well as in your friendship).You two have equal rights to listen and to be listened to.
3)Do not try to seem any cooler than you actually are
It sounds so corny, but still  — BE YOURSELF.You won’t be able to pretend throughout your friendship – eventually, you will have to show your real self.If the person doesn’t like you – don’t worry! There are lots of people out there willing to accept you as you are.
4) The more friends – the better
Don’t be lavish with friends.The more you have them the better.If you’ve made a really good friend – don’t think that it’s enough and you do not need the others anymore.Anything can happen, and the most distant friend can become your closest one, and vice versa.
5)Take your time
Getting to know a person is not a quick thing to do.It takes quite a lot of time.We always wish that we could skip to the part where we’re comfortable with each other.But all the best friends were once just strangers to each other – and as the time passed by, they’ve become very close.

I really hope that some of my tips helped you, or encouraged you not to give up and keep looking!
Please let me know if you’ve read my post (just leave a comment, or subscribe – whatever works for you) and I’ll be happy to post more!