From hatred to love

Hello hello! Guys, how are you all doing? It’s the end of June, wow.Why is summer going fast and I literally can’t keep up with its pace! Hopefully, I’ll spend the 2 other months more effectively than this one.I definitely need to stop complaining and get to work.By ‘work’ I mean studies

Speaking of studying.In today’s post, I want to share a story about the change of my attitude to a school subject.History, to be exact.

History is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects to study, as it covers a huge period of time – thousands of years.Plus, every country has its own history, which makes it even more complicated.

History had always been my least favorite subject of all.I hated it so much I even used to skip some lessons just to avoid seeing our history teacher and listening to her.My friends knew that and they would always sarcastically joke that I was The Queen of History.All those dates and names of kings drove me nuts.My brain just didn’t want to accept the information that I was pushing into it.Eventually, I gave up.The comforting thought “Everyone has their strong and weak points” would pop up in my mind every time I was getting frustrated.

When we moved to another city, everything changed.My new teacher (Let’s call her Mrs.K.) was very different compared to my old one.She would always encourage me and tell me I was doing very well ( even when I wasn’t ).I decided to give history another try!

I started studying it in my free time, bought a new pretty notebook and wrote very carefully in it.I highlighted the headings and the most important dates and names.I tried so hard to win her praise again and again.Apart from reading the chapters she told us to read, I also read the next ones in order to impress her.I was slowly falling in love with this subject.

After a year of studying with Mr.K., I made a big decision – I’m going to take the history exam.We had only 1 year left to prepare for it.I knew I could fail – but instead of giving up and changing my aim I started working even harder.”Why?” – you may ask.Well, I considered it a challenge.A competition with myself.What could be more exciting? I wanted to find out whether The Hardworking Me could beat The Lazy Me.

And it did.

After a year of hard work, attending every single lesson and listening to every single word that came out of Mrs.K’s mouth – I WAS ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY PASS THE EXAM!!

Considering the enormous gaps in my knowledge of history two years ago – I achieved unbelievable results.And I owe it all to Mrs.K. My attitude to this subject changed because of the motivation she was constantly giving me.No words can describe how grateful I am to her.

I really wish all teachers were more like her – then students would certainly study with more pleasure!

Thank you so much for reading this post! Has anything like this happened to you? What was your fav school subject? Share your experiences by leaving a comment!))