Trip to Saint-Petersburg

Hello hello! Guys, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted for so long.Or you’re not… (I genuinely hope you didn’t notice my absence :D)

In my defense, I was on a vacation.Am I supposed to write a blog on vacation? This question popped up in my mind every time I got a notification from WP.

Now, a little bit about my trip.This year my mom and I decided not to leave our home country, that’s why our destination was Saint-Petersburg.Do you like this city or have you at least heard of it?

Here are some of the photos I took during our trip:




The city of Saint-Petersburg is famous for its architecture, that’s why most of my photos show various buildings.


The sea was too cold (as well as the weather) ! I was so frustrated at first, because our previous vacations mostly consisted of swimming.But, fortunately, in Saint-Pe there’re many other things to do apart from swimming in the sea.

During our stay, I made notes.I bought a notebook and started writing down everything that seemed unusual, weird or interesting.This is indeed a good idea! I’m so glad I managed to force myself to find time and write (instead of, for example, watching TV)

Here’s  the list of TOP-3 things I found unusual in SPb :

  1. A LOT of foreigners. I had no idea that people from other countries visit Russia! I’ve heard people speak Spanish, English, Italian and Chinese (or Japanese, I can’t tell the difference between these two). That’s so weird!
  2. People are too slow and relaxed.It seemed like everyone had nothing to do, and was slowly walking along the streets and enjoying the day.Even when it was raining, people didn’t speed up.We found that a bit annoying as it was difficult to make our way through that slow crowd.
  3. A lot of cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc. It was such a pleasant feature of the city! We used to have lunch in a cafe, and to our amazement, there was a huge number of cafes to choose from.

That’s it for now.Tell me about your best vacation in comments! I would love to read all of them!))