What I like about your blog

   Oftentimes, I see blogs with very good content, but something is missing..something that doesn’t let the blog be perfect.So I’ve made a list of things that I like in other people’s blogs.

      1.Calm colors

I think it’s super important to keep reader’s eyes relaxed and comfortable.Frankly, I don’t like blogs with WHITE background and don’t understand why the author chose white as the main color.We see that white background everywhere –  in books, news, articles on the internet – because it’s classic.But blog is something not so official, more personal – that’s why I prefer seeing dark pastel tones in blogs 


The font SIZE, to be exact.I’ve seen a few blogs with very small font size, and it really annoys me! How am I supposed to like what you write if I’m not able to read it??😁

     3.Necessary widgets

By ‘necessary widgets’ I mean menus.It’s always easier to navigate a blog if I see categories of posts (Health, cooking, awards etc) or archives.Ironically, I do not have any of them yet! Shame on me…😄I promise I’ll add them one day!


Pictures and photos really attract me, as well as many other readers.They have to be eye-catching, making you want to open the post and read it.If you don’t know what picture to set as a featured image – just write the title of your post on a pastel background (a lot of apps have the function of writing on pictures, I personally use PicsArt) or choose a picture from Pinterest or Tumblr –  and voila – your picture is ready!

Don’t take these ‘rules’ very serious!😉 If I really like your content – I will still click the “follow” button, even if you have small font size or a lack of photos.The tips I’ve written make a blog perfect, from my point of view 😉

Thanks for reading my post! Tell me, what do YOU find attractive in a blog? What would you add to my list? Feel free to share by leaving a comment!



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Travel tag ❤

Incredible BeaFree has nominated everyone for the Travel tag, and I just couldn’t turn down such an opportunity! Check out her blog, by the way! It is worth it))

Since my early childhood traveling has been something special for me.Other kids took it for granted, ’cause every family goes on a vacation in summer.But my attitude to it is rather different.Having fun, beach bumming and all the lazy stuff you can possibly do on a vacation is NOT what I travel for.I want to broaden my horizons, acquire some knowledge, and get to know our huge world.I never waste time when I’m abroad – my schedule is rather tight because I want to see as many sights as possible.


I think it’s Turkey.I’ve been there twice, actually.You don’t need Visa when traveling there, which is a big advantage.But I loved it because of beautiful nature and picturesque sceneries!!))




Like I said, I’m not a fan of beach bumming, so definitely CITY HOLIDAY! Cafes, shops, sights, attractions, parks – all these things are situated in the city, not on the beach, right?



  1. Phone – in case I want to take a photo or make a call
  2. Money
  3. Hat – because I don’t want to get a sun stroke



Definitely an over packer! I literally take all my clothes with me.All of them have equal rights to travel with me!



Forgetting all the problems that I had back home and enjoying the moment!



I’ve always traveled with my family, so I’d like to try doing it with friends.But, you know.. Sometimes I notice that I get tired of my friends (even the closest ones) having spent the whole day with them.What if it’s the same on a vacation? I never get tired of my family though, maybe that’s  because I’m used to them.



I encourage everyone to do this tag and share their experience! Leave a comment if you do so, and I’ll be happy to read it!




Things that give me pleasure…

Good afternoon, my friends! I haven’t posted in 2 DAYS, wow! But I have an excuse – my friend that lives in another city came to visit me (finally!!) and we spent the whole day together! I was so happy, because she’s my BFF and days spent with HER are the best)) I tossed and turned the previous night, because of being filled up with excitement!

In today’s post, I want to get to know my readers better. Tell me, what makes you happy? What cheers you up when you’re upset? What does your mood depend on? Share it with me in the comments!

As for me, here’s the list of things that give me a lot of pleasure:


My mood always depends on whether it’s sunny and warm outside, or not.I literally cannot live without the sun☀️ It fills me with energy, so I’m never being lazy when it’s sunny

  New clothes 

The thought of new clothes hanging in my wardrobe is so pleasant! I’m just itching to go outside wearing it so that everybody’s like “Woah, girl you look gorgeous!” (at least that’s what I hope passers-by think when they see me in my brand-new clothes😄) That’s weird, you know..Nothing changes in it as the time goes by, so the reaction of other people has to be the same.Instead, change the attitude towards this thing, I get used to it.After a couple of months or a year, I don’t find it as pretty as it was when I bought it.Anyway, enough philosophy here.Let’s move onto the next one😄

                                     Snapchat filters

Filters that make me pretty, to be exact.Warning – don’t remove the filter too suddenly – otherwise, you’ll see the difference between your real face and the enhanced one, and probably be disappointed😥


Since I adore dancing, when I hear music I can’t help but start making small movements! Even now, when I’m writing this post, there’s music playing in another room. But since there are too many people sitting next to me, I’m trying to suppress the desire to go and hit the dance floor😂 It’s a torture, really!


When there’s an upcoming event that I’m looking forward to (for instance, a trip or a party), the thought of it fills me with warmth and happiness! I imagine how awesome it’s gonna be, how much fun I will have etc. There always should be a day in future that you make a countdown to))

Beautiful sceneries

Who doesn’t like observing picturesque landscapes? Especially, places that haven’t been touched by humans.The great force of nature is so captivating, flawless and so jaw-droppingly beautiful – that sometimes my eyes fill up with tears.Tears of joy.I stare at it in awe, unable to move or speak.This is an example of such a scenery.(The quality is bad because I took this photo from my phone)


Thanks for reading my post! Looking forward to your comments!





Good afternoon, lovelies! How was your day?😊

During this weekend I’ve come across SO many cool blogs on WordPress! I’m very happy that now I’m a part of this huge blogger community too.I noticed that I’ve been feeling less lonely recently, and I think I owe it to YOU, my blogger friends!❤️ When I hear that WordPress sound coming from my phone – I instantly light up with a smile!! What’s that? New follower? Someone liked my post? YAAAY!))🎉

By the way, I reached 20 followers yesterday! This number may seem very small to you, but for me, it’s a big achievement!))

So, today I decided to list types of followers that almost every blogger has.

1) The staunch follower

This one reads pretty much every post you publish very thoroughly, likes it and usually leaves a warm and supportive comment.I love these ones, who doesn’t?😄

2) The follower that doesn’t really FOLLOW my blog

They either don’t open WordPress whatsoever, or just read other blogs, but not mine.I don’t receive any likes, comments or even views from them.I don’t really understand why they clicked the Follow button in the first place if there’s no activity from them on my blog…

3) The insincere follower

They may like and comment your posts, but they never really read them! Why? Well, it’s simple – they want you to check out THEIR blog, in order to gain followers.The worst part is that you never know if their likes and warm comments are genuine or not, it’s really hard to distinguish them from the “staunch” ones.

4) Fake follower

I’ve got only one fake follower – my mom😄😄 She’s one of my email followers (I entered her email when I had NO followers, just to see that “1 follower” note in the right corner of the screen and make myself feel better) She never really reads my posts though – I usually translate them into Russian and then – read it to her out loud))

Now, tell me about YOUR followers? How many staunch ones do YOU have? I’m looking forward to your comments! Thanks for reading)




The Mystery Blogger Award

Hello, dear friends! Thanks for visiting my blog😊

So, this is the first time that I’ve been nominated for an award, and I’m super excited!😱 I’m new to WordPress, so at first, I didn’t get the point of these awards… But turns out, it’s a very enjoyable and interesting experience.So I’m taking the challenge))

Now, I’d better follow the rules very carefully in order not to screw up my very first award😄

  A huge THANK YOU to pastelpinkplans for nominating me!! I’m so grateful)) Go check out her blog, if you haven’t already 😉


 • Put the award logo/image in your post.

 • Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

 • Mention the creator of the award.

 • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.

 • Nominate other bloggers.

 • Answer the questions given.

 • Ask nominees any 5 questions of your choice (one weird/funny question).

 • Share the link(s) to your favorite post(s) of yours.

This award was created by Okoto Enigma

“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma


  1. I had dyed my hair 3 different colors ( blonde, dark and red, to be exact) until I finally came to a conclusion that my natural color suits me best
  2. English is not my native language😰
  3. As a kid, I used to hang clothespins onto the back of my grandma’s coat when she was going outside (just for fun😄), and she pretended that she didn’t notice it! I’m guessing once she stepped out of the door, she had to remove all of them, and when she came back she had to hang them again😄😄


Doodling Panda

Isabella Piper

Beachy girl Monique

oh, it’s kelsey


Pastelpinkplans’ questions:

1. What is your fave holiday of the year? Why? Do you have any traditions for that time? What are they?

2. What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? Why did you eat it/what got you to be eating that weird thing?

3. What is something you are afraid of that is probably ‘weird’ to others?

4. What age would you want to be forever if you could? Why?

5. What size bed do you sleep on? 😆

My answers:

1)Definitely my birthday😄 I love the attention that I get on this holiday – everybody congratulates me and wishes me all the best – what could be better?! As for traditions, I’m afraid we don’t have any…

2)I think it was meatballs covered with strawberry jam! Haha! Gross, right? No, I’m not crazy – it was just a game with my cousin: one mixes any 2 products that she can find in the fridge – and the other one has to eat it with her eyes closed, and then –  guesses what it was😄

3)Well..I’m always scared of standing under big chandeliers! They seem like they’re just about to fall!

4) I would like to be a 20-year-old for the rest of my life, because in this age you’re already an independent adult, according to law, but you’re still young and full of energy))

5)King-size! That’s because I usually sleep with my dog, which occupies A LOT of space on my bed! Such a selfish little munchkin!


1)What/who encouraged you to start a blog?

2)What is your life goal? Do you think you will accomplish it?

3)What was the longest time you had to be without access to the Internet?

4)If you could set an invisible spy camera in someone’s house, whose house would it be?

5)Have you ever forgotten to switch off the iron or any other household appliances when leaving the house?


Making friends
How to make a conversation flow?
Here comes SUMMER!

I hope I did everything correctly! Looking forward to any feedback))

By the way, I’ve created a page on Bloglovin so you can follow me there as well:
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What was YOUR first award? Were you excited about it? Share with me by leaving a comment – I appreciate them so much! Thanks for reading 😉




TOP-5 HAIR treatments

Hello, girls! Why did I say “girls”? Well, because this post is mostly aimed at them

Is your hair dry and dull? Do you have split ends? Do you lose too much hair while combing it? If yes, you’re on the right page! Trust me – thousands (if not millions) of girls struggle with these problems too.

I’ve tried a lot of various hair masks lately and I want to share which of them I personally find the most useful.

Here you’re not gonna find any particular recipes – it’s needless, in my opinion.Instead, I’ll make a list of the best ingredients for hair masks.Let’s get started, shall we?

1.Coconut oil

It’s literally my favorite hair treatment. Coconut oil prevents breakage of your hair by keeping it moist and soft, minimizes the split ends and reduces the hair loss.It’s also a great natural detangler! Moreover, this ingredient has lots of other uses (like, for cooking or skin)


Honey is food for your hair.This ingredient boosts hair growth due to a huge amount of antioxidants and nutrients which feed hair follicles.Honey is a great hair conditioner as it softens and smoothens the hair.It also heals lifeless hair, making is shiny and lustrous!

3.Olive oil

This ingredient is rich in vitamins that make your hair stronger and shinier.Olive oil is perfect for dry and damaged strands because it keeps them moist and nourishes the hair follicles.


Eggs generally make your hair healthier and reduce tangling.It also adds moisture to the scalp and hair, keeps it smooth and prevents breakage.


Lemon strengthens and unclogs hair follicles thus lowering hair fall.It also cleans the scalp and makes your hair luminous and sturdy.

You can mix any of these ingredients together – there are numerous combinations.That’s why I decided not to give any specific recipes.

What problems do YOU have with your hair and how do YOU cope with them? Share it with me by leaving a comment! Hope this information was helpful to you 🙂




How to make a conversation flow?

Oftentimes, when we hang out with a friend, the conversation eventually comes to an end.It can even happen in its very beginning, and after that goes awkward silence…You rack your brain desperately trying to come up with some new topic to discuss, but after a few sentences the conversation dies again

We’ve all been there.

Here are some tips which really help me when I encounter this problem:

1.Prepare a couple of topics in advance

You can even write them down somewhere, in case you forget something

2.Be aware of the latest news    

It’s your backup topic.Watch TV and don’t skip the News section when surfing the web.If you know what’s going on in the world, you guys can discuss it – or, if the person doesn’t watch news – you’ll fill him in 🙂

3.Avoid flat responses  

Don’t respond with a simple YES or NO.Think of something else to add.Additional information will likely lead you to the next topic to discuss

4.Ask questions

Show your interest in the person’s life.I hate it when I ask a question (for example “How was your day?”) and the person doesn’t end his respond with “What about you?”

5. Show your reaction to what they say          


-Hey,Sam! How was your day?  i (2)

-Oh, I’ve finally asked Molly out!! What about you?

-Well, mine was boring, as always……..


-Hey,Sam! How was your day?check-mark-icon-flat_245086

-Oh,I’ve finally asked Molly out!!What about you?

-Really?I’m so happy for you! Where are you taking her?  …..

6. Compliment  

It will put the other person at ease and maybe move the conversation in another direction.

7.Tell a story

Don’t be afraid to share an entertaining story or a funny experience you had.

8.Smile    🙂

It’s the best and easiest way to seem friendly and positive, which will endear you to the other person

Have YOU experienced such a thing? Do you have something to add to my list? Feel free to share it with me by leaving a comment – I would really appreciate that!

Thanks for reading this post.Until next time 😉