New hobby: gymnastics

OMG, It’s been so long since I published my last post! I’m finally here, in front of my laptop, writing a new one.So, I really hope no one missed me (because if anyone did, that would make me feel really guilty)

Guys, today’s post is all about hobbies.Do you have one? I certainly do!

I recently found out that I’m interested in gymnastics (not the one where you dance with ribbons and hoops, but the one where you do flips, skills on bars, trampoline etc). ((I’m too lazy to google what each one is called))

It happened very unexpectedly and spontaneously.

Guys, this is so fun! I never knew that it was so exciting and fascinating! I started a couple of months ago (given that I can do some basic skills, ’cause I used to do rhythmic gymnastics).It even  made me forget about the beginning of the school year and distracted me from studies (I’m so grateful for that :D)

Just like other kinds of sports, gymnastics requires patience and devotion.You always need to set little goals and pursue them.When you see a change, an improvement – that’s when you get the motivation to keep going! Everybody has their good days and bad days.The important thing here is not to give up after a “bad” day.

Here’s a tip for you to maintain motivation: Keep track of your progress.Start a diary and Write down your achievements and improvements (even smallest ones). When you feel the lack of motivation, when you’re close to giving up – read all you’ve written and see that you’ve achieved a lot already!

So, gymnastics opened a whole new world to me.If you open my Instagram (the suggestions section) – you’ll see nothing but gymnastics.Now, instead of watching bloggers on Youtube, I watch tutorials and gymnastics related videos 😀

Everything has changed since I took up a new hobby, and I sure as hell don’t regret it.

Guys, tell me about YOUR hobbies!! Are there any gymnasts among my readers? How do you motivate yourself? Have you ever thought of quitting?

Looking forward to your replies!




5 thoughts on “New hobby: gymnastics

  1. dimma1968 says:

    I really love gymnastics! It is very cool! You have the skills and you will be able to master some popular elements of gymnastics. These tricks you can apply in the dances and it will be very cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anna Kolpakova;) says:

    YAS! Omg I just found your blog…ITS AWESOME 😂😆😍!!! Gymnastics is the way to GO!!! Lol your like SUPER flexible so you’ll prob be able to do some cool tricks^_^. If ya ever need advice, you know who to go to *wink*wink* 😂.


    • Aww, thank you SO much!!!🌸☺️I’m really glad that you read my post! Hope we’ll meet in real life very soon😩 That way you can teach me some tricks, my dear coach!(Btw, r u planning on coming to Russia again? If no, I’ll come as soon as I turn 18!!!) xoxo❤️


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