Traveling without leaving your home

Hey! What’s your attitude towards traveling? Do you think it’s worth money and time that you spend on it? Oh, how convenient it would be if we could go traveling without leaving our room.Wait, it is possible, thanks to modern technology and the wonders of the Internet.Let’s find out how exactly we can do it!

1)Travel shows

Travel shows are shown on different travel channels, your TV must have some of them.Through them, you will get the main idea of what the life in a particular country is like.You’ll see beautiful landscapes and amazing views because such shows are usually filmed with the help of professional filming equipment (like quadrocopters)

2)Online Webcams

It’s really interesting to watch people in foreign countries in real-time mode!

3) Google virtual tours

This is literally the best thing humans created! Turn off the lights, and head straight to the places you’ve always wanted to see! Virtual tours are very realistic, so you’ll get the feeling that you’re experiencing it all firsthand.


Yeah, this one is not a quick thing to do…Yet, knowledge of a foreign language will allow you to watch movies with original sound, so I think it’s worth it.

5)Traditional food

Traveling to Italy without trying pasta bolognese?! To Paris without trying their famous croissants? No way! Find recipes online or check out cookbooks that focus on world cultures


From movies, you can find out what people look like in a particular country, what their customs and traditions are etc


Get acquainted with people from all over the world! They’ll tell you a lot of information that can’t be found in books or on the internet;)

Good luck with exploring the world from your living room! Bon voyage 😉




2 thoughts on “Traveling without leaving your home

  1. j_ivanna says:

    That is such a great idea for the post! I like learning languages, watching movies and trying out different cuisines but I have never thought of this activities as an alternative to traveling!


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