Good afternoon, lovelies! How was your day?😊

During this weekend I’ve come across SO many cool blogs on WordPress! I’m very happy that now I’m a part of this huge blogger community too.I noticed that I’ve been feeling less lonely recently, and I think I owe it to YOU, my blogger friends!❤️ When I hear that WordPress sound coming from my phone – I instantly light up with a smile!! What’s that? New follower? Someone liked my post? YAAAY!))🎉

By the way, I reached 20 followers yesterday! This number may seem very small to you, but for me, it’s a big achievement!))

So, today I decided to list types of followers that almost every blogger has.

1) The staunch follower

This one reads pretty much every post you publish very thoroughly, likes it and usually leaves a warm and supportive comment.I love these ones, who doesn’t?😄

2) The follower that doesn’t really FOLLOW my blog

They either don’t open WordPress whatsoever, or just read other blogs, but not mine.I don’t receive any likes, comments or even views from them.I don’t really understand why they clicked the Follow button in the first place if there’s no activity from them on my blog…

3) The insincere follower

They may like and comment your posts, but they never really read them! Why? Well, it’s simple – they want you to check out THEIR blog, in order to gain followers.The worst part is that you never know if their likes and warm comments are genuine or not, it’s really hard to distinguish them from the “staunch” ones.

4) Fake follower

I’ve got only one fake follower – my mom😄😄 She’s one of my email followers (I entered her email when I had NO followers, just to see that “1 follower” note in the right corner of the screen and make myself feel better) She never really reads my posts though – I usually translate them into Russian and then – read it to her out loud))

Now, tell me about YOUR followers? How many staunch ones do YOU have? I’m looking forward to your comments! Thanks for reading)




10 thoughts on “Types of FOLLOWERS

  1. I’ve started over several times in different phases of my life the past few years. And noticed that each group is VERY different! I personally would rather have 20 good friends here than 6000 strangers! Soooo many people start a page up, follow a bunch then leave forever. So most are just unattended accounts anyhow.

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