Everyday makeup : For & Against

Quick note: I’m not an expert in this area so I won’t be giving any advice on how to apply makeup and things like that.

Hey, guys 🙂 How was your day? Mine was pretty boring, though I finally forced myself to read some history books

Now, let’s get to the point.

So, why on earth do we put on makeup in the first place? The answer is easy – to look prettier! It gives a person more self-confidence, which is essential for a teenage girl, who already has a lot of complexes connected with her weight, height, clothes etc. But there’s also another reason – to conceal skin imperfections like pimples, freckles etc..(In this case, it’s OK to put on some makeup every day)

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether to wear makeup every day or only for particular occasions… (not that type of makeup which hides imperfections, but the one that enhances your beauty, for instance, lengthens eyelashes)  and I’ve come to a decision that the latter wins! Why? Read below↓

These days pretty much every teenage girl puts on at least a little bit of makeup, right? Some of them do it every single day, no matter where they’re going – to a party or to walk a dog.These ones I call “makeup-obsessed”.There are also girls who do it occasionally, which is much better in my opinion.

Here are the main drawbacks of everyday makeup:

  • Time-consuming

It takes up a lot of time AND energy! You have to get up earlier and stand in front of the mirror for at least 20 minutes!

  • Spoils the skin

The quality of your skin deteriorates: you can get more acnes and the smoothness will soon go away!

  • A lot of money

Good cosmetics usually is quite expensive, therefore you’ll probably have to sacrifice something in order to buy a new set of makeup.

Moreover, if you apply makeup every day, people around you will get used to how you look and will take it for granted.But when there is a special event when everyone will look prettier than they usually do, YOU will look the same and nobody will compliment you as much.Whereas, if you don’t wear makeup every single day, and put it on for this special event – I’m sure everyone will be amazed by how stunning you look!

Considering these facts, I would recommend you to put makeup for special occasions, not on a regular basis. You’ll be able to buy expensive cosmetics because you won’t use it up in 2 weeks.Plus, your skin will stay young and fresh for a longer time.

I personally just paint my eyebrows, that’s it 🙂

What do you prefer? Share your opinion with me by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading 😉




4 thoughts on “Everyday makeup : For & Against

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