Modern technologies

Hello everyone! What’s up?

In this post I decided to write about modern technologies and how they influence our life.

Computers,phones,tablets,smart watches and finally the Internet itself…We all take all of this for granted, but if you stop for a moment and think about the unbelievable things they do – you’ll understand that it’s literally magic.Seriously, who would have thought 50 years ago that in half a century people would be able to see each other through thousands of kilometers?Who would have thought that a tiny flat gadget would contain all books,songs and movies ever created???🖥

My grandma usually tells me how people lived in her times. As for reading, everyone had to go to the library in order to get necessary information, prepare for exams etc.They didn’t have access to internet , unlike us, so they all gathered in front of a small, box-like TV (which , by the way, only well-off people owned) and watched whatever movie was on.Can you imagine that?📺😱

Oh, and surely people had no means of communication, except for a landline phone, ’cause cellphones weren’t invented at that time.When my mom was studying in university, she had to live in student residence, away from home. As she had no cellphone, she could only call home from a landline phone once a week. 📞

Now it seems super inconvenient , right? I’d want to see a modern teenager placed in 1960s for one day. Do you think he’d survive?😁I doubt that…

You wanna bake a cake? No need to look for your grandma‘s recipe book: grab your gadget and find a video tutorial! There you go.

Wanna work out but don’t know a single exercise? Not a problem anymore.Open YouTube or any other website and search for it!! Easy,isn’t it?? Guys, I think we should consider ourselves happy and be grateful for all we have❤️

Tell me what you think about the technological progress? Do you think it’s helpful?

Leave comments and share your opinion!😉 xxx



New hobby: gymnastics

OMG, It’s been so long since I published my last post! I’m finally here, in front of my laptop, writing a new one.So, I really hope no one missed me (because if anyone did, that would make me feel really guilty)

Guys, today’s post is all about hobbies.Do you have one? I certainly do!

I recently found out that I’m interested in gymnastics (not the one where you dance with ribbons and hoops, but the one where you do flips, skills on bars, trampoline etc). ((I’m too lazy to google what each one is called))

It happened very unexpectedly and spontaneously.

Guys, this is so fun! I never knew that it was so exciting and fascinating! I started a couple of months ago (given that I can do some basic skills, ’cause I used to do rhythmic gymnastics).It even  made me forget about the beginning of the school year and distracted me from studies (I’m so grateful for that :D)

Just like other kinds of sports, gymnastics requires patience and devotion.You always need to set little goals and pursue them.When you see a change, an improvement – that’s when you get the motivation to keep going! Everybody has their good days and bad days.The important thing here is not to give up after a “bad” day.

Here’s a tip for you to maintain motivation: Keep track of your progress.Start a diary and Write down your achievements and improvements (even smallest ones). When you feel the lack of motivation, when you’re close to giving up – read all you’ve written and see that you’ve achieved a lot already!

So, gymnastics opened a whole new world to me.If you open my Instagram (the suggestions section) – you’ll see nothing but gymnastics.Now, instead of watching bloggers on Youtube, I watch tutorials and gymnastics related videos 😀

Everything has changed since I took up a new hobby, and I sure as hell don’t regret it.

Guys, tell me about YOUR hobbies!! Are there any gymnasts among my readers? How do you motivate yourself? Have you ever thought of quitting?

Looking forward to your replies!




Trip to Saint-Petersburg

Hello hello! Guys, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted for so long.Or you’re not… (I genuinely hope you didn’t notice my absence :D)

In my defense, I was on a vacation.Am I supposed to write a blog on vacation? This question popped up in my mind every time I got a notification from WP.

Now, a little bit about my trip.This year my mom and I decided not to leave our home country, that’s why our destination was Saint-Petersburg.Do you like this city or have you at least heard of it?

Here are some of the photos I took during our trip:




The city of Saint-Petersburg is famous for its architecture, that’s why most of my photos show various buildings.


The sea was too cold (as well as the weather) ! I was so frustrated at first, because our previous vacations mostly consisted of swimming.But, fortunately, in Saint-Pe there’re many other things to do apart from swimming in the sea.

During our stay, I made notes.I bought a notebook and started writing down everything that seemed unusual, weird or interesting.This is indeed a good idea! I’m so glad I managed to force myself to find time and write (instead of, for example, watching TV)

Here’s  the list of TOP-3 things I found unusual in SPb :

  1. A LOT of foreigners. I had no idea that people from other countries visit Russia! I’ve heard people speak Spanish, English, Italian and Chinese (or Japanese, I can’t tell the difference between these two). That’s so weird!
  2. People are too slow and relaxed.It seemed like everyone had nothing to do, and was slowly walking along the streets and enjoying the day.Even when it was raining, people didn’t speed up.We found that a bit annoying as it was difficult to make our way through that slow crowd.
  3. A lot of cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc. It was such a pleasant feature of the city! We used to have lunch in a cafe, and to our amazement, there was a huge number of cafes to choose from.

That’s it for now.Tell me about your best vacation in comments! I would love to read all of them!))




The Happiest Award

Guyssss, June is gone! What could be more frustrating? Why does the time pass so freaking fast in summer? It’s unfair!

Anyway, what have you accomplished in June? What did you do? Where’d you go? Share with me by leaving a comment and I’d be HAPPY to read your answers

Speaking of happiness, my blogger friend with a very cute nickname Busy Bee has nominated everyone to do The Happiest Award! I’m a happy and cheerful person so I couldn’t ignore this one 😉

Now, let’s go through the rules:

  • Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link to her blog
  • Name the award creator and provide a link to her blog
  • Share the rules
  • Share the award logo
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 5-15 people
  • Share your favorite blog post (from your blog)
  • Notify the people that you have nominated that you have nominated them


This award was created by Silvia from the Happiest Pixel 

Silvia’s questions:

This award is about happiness, so all the questions are related to it!

Why not talking about the things that make us happy? Can you tell us your favourite…

  • place: Somewhere abroad.If you want me to be more specific, ok – I’d love to visit Switzerland, it’s my dream destination))
  • film/tv show: The Vampire Diaries!!!! Guys, I literally cannot live without this TV show.
  • song:  I don’t like picking favorites, so ALL songs by Miley Cyrus
  • activity: Swimming (not professionally, in a pool,  but with a mask underwater!) This is so fascinating and captivating to observe and explore the underwater world and its inhabitants!)
  • drink: Kombucha! Haven’t you heard of it? It’s super tasty (tastes like soda) AND more importantly, it’s very good for health.I recommend you to try it some day
  • food: Uh.. That’s a tough one.I like different food, but I guess my favorite is croissants baked by my mom
  • holiday: The International Children’s Day  (1st of June) Why? Because it’s the very beginning of SUMMER, my fav season of the year.
  • book: Girl Online (1,2,3) I can be very choosy when it comes to books but this one won my heart from the very first page.

Name 3 things that make you happy…

1)My family.They always support me and are always there for me when I need them.I love them so much!! 😉

2)Nature. Like I told you before, in my previous posts – beautiful landscapes make me satisfied and calm

3)Music. Although I listen to music quite seldom, I’m sure it’s what changes and motivates me! I try to find calm songs or even melodies without words (my favorite is bagpipe) and they give me a lot of pleasure. While traveling by train or a bus for a long distance –  I can’t help staring at beautiful sceneries behind the window.If I turn on music in my earphones – oooh, let’s just say I lose control over myself… I can start crying and want to move to the wild jungle – or I can become very cheerful and want to do something fun – or I’m itching to donate money to a charity – IT ALL depends on the song and what I see behind the window

My favorite posts on my blog…

From hatred to love

Making friends


My Nominees:

Just like Tabi Bee, I want to nominate everyone to do this award! Go ahead and share your favourites with the world! Don’t forget to notify me and I’ll be pleased to read your post!))

Thank you guys for reading my post.See you soon))




From hatred to love

Hello hello! Guys, how are you all doing? It’s the end of June, wow.Why is summer going fast and I literally can’t keep up with its pace! Hopefully, I’ll spend the 2 other months more effectively than this one.I definitely need to stop complaining and get to work.By ‘work’ I mean studies

Speaking of studying.In today’s post, I want to share a story about the change of my attitude to a school subject.History, to be exact.

History is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects to study, as it covers a huge period of time – thousands of years.Plus, every country has its own history, which makes it even more complicated.

History had always been my least favorite subject of all.I hated it so much I even used to skip some lessons just to avoid seeing our history teacher and listening to her.My friends knew that and they would always sarcastically joke that I was The Queen of History.All those dates and names of kings drove me nuts.My brain just didn’t want to accept the information that I was pushing into it.Eventually, I gave up.The comforting thought “Everyone has their strong and weak points” would pop up in my mind every time I was getting frustrated.

When we moved to another city, everything changed.My new teacher (Let’s call her Mrs.K.) was very different compared to my old one.She would always encourage me and tell me I was doing very well ( even when I wasn’t ).I decided to give history another try!

I started studying it in my free time, bought a new pretty notebook and wrote very carefully in it.I highlighted the headings and the most important dates and names.I tried so hard to win her praise again and again.Apart from reading the chapters she told us to read, I also read the next ones in order to impress her.I was slowly falling in love with this subject.

After a year of studying with Mr.K., I made a big decision – I’m going to take the history exam.We had only 1 year left to prepare for it.I knew I could fail – but instead of giving up and changing my aim I started working even harder.”Why?” – you may ask.Well, I considered it a challenge.A competition with myself.What could be more exciting? I wanted to find out whether The Hardworking Me could beat The Lazy Me.

And it did.

After a year of hard work, attending every single lesson and listening to every single word that came out of Mrs.K’s mouth – I WAS ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY PASS THE EXAM!!

Considering the enormous gaps in my knowledge of history two years ago – I achieved unbelievable results.And I owe it all to Mrs.K. My attitude to this subject changed because of the motivation she was constantly giving me.No words can describe how grateful I am to her.

I really wish all teachers were more like her – then students would certainly study with more pleasure!

Thank you so much for reading this post! Has anything like this happened to you? What was your fav school subject? Share your experiences by leaving a comment!))







Hello, everyone! Since I got little activity on my last post, I decided to come up with something more interesting and original.

Remember, as kids, we wished we could fly or become invisible? Boys wanted to be super fast like Spiderman, and girls – to be fairies and have beautiful wings! As for me, I wanted to be a mermaid and have an ability to become half fish.You have no idea how much I was obsessed with the TV show “H2O just add water”.H2O JAW S1 Once our house got connected to the Internet, I would always search google “Spells to become a mermaid” or “rituals to become a mermaid” or “how to grow a mermaid tail”.There were different ‘recipes’, and some people commented on them “Yay, I’ve become a mermaid, this recipe works!” – which made me believe that some of them actually work.I still believe that mermaids exist somewhere on this planet, but I’m definitely not willing to become one anymore!


So, I made a list of TOP-5 superpowers that I wish I had:

1.Ability to keep my hair untangled without combing it

Oh, this one I need SO SO MUCH! Something happened to my hair recently, and now I spend hours untangling and combing it.Literally, HOURS.I’m getting used to it though.. Sometimes I try to do it while watching or reading something so I don’t waste any time.But I cannot wear my hair loose, that’s so frustrating.Even when I make a braid – I wake up with tangled hair.

2.Ability not to need sleep 

We spend half of the twenty-four hours sleeping.Imagine how awesome it would be if we could spend this time on something else!

3.Ability to erase my memory

Everybody keeps in memory moments they’d rather erase for good.Awkward moments, arguments, depression, illnesses etc.It would be so convenient if we could erase them! This ability would also come in handy when we want to enjoy our favorite movie or a book once again not knowing what happens in the end.

4.Ability to take photos with my eyes

Remember when we observe a magnificent scenery and the camera or a phone makes it so dull and blurred? What we see with our own eyes is much better and clearer than what we see through the camera.So frustrating, right? This ability would let people make photos with their own eyes and keep it in their memory.Once they want to look at the photo – they’d just need to think about it – and here it is – right in front of their eyes!

5.Ability to teleport myself to a place in a picture

This ability would let people teleport themselves to a particular place by looking at it in the picture.So, we could travel the world just googling “Photos of Australia” – and instantly we’re there!

Tell me which of these superpowers would you like to have? Write a post in your blog sharing YOUR TOP-5 superpowers and don’t forget to drop me the link – I’ll be interested to read your ideas! By the way, does anybody remember that TV show “H2O just add water”? If yes, leave a comment!)

Thanks so much for reading my post! Until next time 😉



Traveling without leaving your home

Hey! What’s your attitude towards traveling? Do you think it’s worth money and time that you spend on it? Oh, how convenient it would be if we could go traveling without leaving our room.Wait, it is possible, thanks to modern technology and the wonders of the Internet.Let’s find out how exactly we can do it!

1)Travel shows

Travel shows are shown on different travel channels, your TV must have some of them.Through them, you will get the main idea of what the life in a particular country is like.You’ll see beautiful landscapes and amazing views because such shows are usually filmed with the help of professional filming equipment (like quadrocopters)

2)Online Webcams

It’s really interesting to watch people in foreign countries in real-time mode!

3) Google virtual tours

This is literally the best thing humans created! Turn off the lights, and head straight to the places you’ve always wanted to see! Virtual tours are very realistic, so you’ll get the feeling that you’re experiencing it all firsthand.


Yeah, this one is not a quick thing to do…Yet, knowledge of a foreign language will allow you to watch movies with original sound, so I think it’s worth it.

5)Traditional food

Traveling to Italy without trying pasta bolognese?! To Paris without trying their famous croissants? No way! Find recipes online or check out cookbooks that focus on world cultures


From movies, you can find out what people look like in a particular country, what their customs and traditions are etc


Get acquainted with people from all over the world! They’ll tell you a lot of information that can’t be found in books or on the internet;)

Good luck with exploring the world from your living room! Bon voyage 😉




What I like about your blog

   Oftentimes, I see blogs with very good content, but something is missing..something that doesn’t let the blog be perfect.So I’ve made a list of things that I like in other people’s blogs.

      1.Calm colors

I think it’s super important to keep reader’s eyes relaxed and comfortable.Frankly, I don’t like blogs with WHITE background and don’t understand why the author chose white as the main color.We see that white background everywhere –  in books, news, articles on the internet – because it’s classic.But blog is something not so official, more personal – that’s why I prefer seeing dark pastel tones in blogs 


The font SIZE, to be exact.I’ve seen a few blogs with very small font size, and it really annoys me! How am I supposed to like what you write if I’m not able to read it??😁

     3.Necessary widgets

By ‘necessary widgets’ I mean menus.It’s always easier to navigate a blog if I see categories of posts (Health, cooking, awards etc) or archives.Ironically, I do not have any of them yet! Shame on me…😄I promise I’ll add them one day!


Pictures and photos really attract me, as well as many other readers.They have to be eye-catching, making you want to open the post and read it.If you don’t know what picture to set as a featured image – just write the title of your post on a pastel background (a lot of apps have the function of writing on pictures, I personally use PicsArt) or choose a picture from Pinterest or Tumblr –  and voila – your picture is ready!

Don’t take these ‘rules’ very serious!😉 If I really like your content – I will still click the “follow” button, even if you have small font size or a lack of photos.The tips I’ve written make a blog perfect, from my point of view 😉

Thanks for reading my post! Tell me, what do YOU find attractive in a blog? What would you add to my list? Feel free to share by leaving a comment!



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